samples of work

(Middle East) Upon request of local HR consultancy, designed and developed a 5 day Leadership Program which has been certified & accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management. We facilitate this program in the Middle East at least once a month. The program has a unique mix of theory and practice and includes amongst others coaching practice, introspection as well as tackling a current work challenge. The program has since been purchased by several big players in the Middle East, including Petroleum Development Oman and the Omani government. #leadershipdevelopment

(USA) For a global retailer, changed the governance and behaviours of the leadership team (covering a business of 600k indirect staff) resulting in effective and efficient decision making and improved personal leadership, evident from the year on year increasing Employee Engagement Survey scores. This team now holds the highest employee engagement scores amongst peers. #strategicHR #coaching

(Middle East) Client in the service industry had low Engagement Survey results, even though year on year they had engagements with their staff on what they could do to make it better and had made action plans that were followed through. Through diagnostics of data and interviews came up with the 4 core issues, and together with the leadership team made a 12 months roadmap. After the 12 months the Employee Engagement Survey results increased with double digits and relationship between my customer and their client significantly improved. #organisationaldevelopment #engagement #productivity

(Middle East) For a client in the Middle East we designed and developed a Change Management Framework, including a toolkit that holds all steps, tools and strategies. This toolkit can be used by both Change Practitioners as Managers/Leaders.  #changemanagement 

(Netherlands) A scale-up in the food industry grew 5 fold in the last 3 years and was facing challenges with efficiency and staff engagement. Through diagnostics of data and interviews we came up with 5 core issues and presented the Leadership Team with why they got to where they are as well as a 5 step program on how to get out of their current challenges. #organisationaldevelopment