how do we do this?

Our approach is based on our combined experience and features tools & strategies that have been tried and tested over a variety of industries and company sizes.

phase 1 – transformation preparation

There are generally two ways that we get called in for Transformation Preparation and this is either when a new CEO is hired, or when an investment firm enters the scene. In the former case we start with a CEO/Founder away day, in the latter we start at the Team Kick-off.

The CEO/Founder away day focussing on getting to know each other more personally, proper contracting and expectation management and touches upon items like conflict approach and resolution.

Leader Onboarding consists of 4 coaching calls that center around a model for the first 100 days and ways to condense the information received into potential changes that need to be made in order to take the company to the next level of performance.

Team Kick-off is based on 6TeamConditions, which is a model proven to work by Harvard and rooted in reality. It creates the purpose of the top team and generates a practical set of agreements on topics like common interaction norms, meeting cadence and effectiveness.

Organization Diagnostics involves us digging deep into your companyon big themes like structure, skills and capabilities, processes, culture and leadership and will identify the shifts that are needed to level your game. This is where we fall in love with the problem.

The Transformation Plan is where we bring it all together in one clear A3 which spells out what the problems are that you are trying to solve, what success looks like, the shifts needed in order to make this happen as well as a clear and concise message to staff (and what is in it for them).

phase 2 – transformation execution

Once there is internal alignment on what is needed to level up your game we can organise Ideation sessions where we take interested people in your organization through a structured approach to idea generation resulting in a set of thought out and prioritized set of ideas that could be solutions to the problems we fell in love with. We do this with interested staff as this increases your chances of change adoption (people support what they help to develop) and you bank on the collective creative brainpower in the company.

We then create a Transformation execution plan (or a so called Change Plan) which includes an overview of al stakeholders and how they are impacted by the planned changes, with an associated engagement approach. This is also the place where we de-risk those prioritized ideas that require significant FTE, money and/or time investment.

If you wish, we can stay on the create Project Management skill in your team by helping with the Transformation Execution.

what do clients say?


They really get what it takes for a successful organizational change – of any kind – to land well and how to engage people in it.


They are great at both delivering commercial outcomes and thoughtfully coaching, supporting and enabling others to do more and be better.


They can boast on delivery of complex work; the approach is practical, yet creative.


They exude positive energy and drive for results which are fit for purpose in a quick timeframe – they are a pleasure to work with.

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Eteck Energie BV